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If you are looking for a unique, multifunctional shelving system, Zefiro II by Siderio is the right one for you. Zefiro is a dynamic, functional bookshelf that will prove as useful as it is decorative. Lightweight and versatile, Zefiro can be placed against the wall or fixed to it. You can use it to accommodate books, magazines, travel souvenirs, photo frames and other knick-knacks, and you can also complete it by placing your TV set on it. Its multiple shelves are perfect for anything you might want to place on them! This multifunctional shelving system is made from steel sheet, a lightweight yet extremely sturdy material. Zefiro is named after the Western wind and, just like it, is lightweight and ethereal, able to take on the shape you want it to have. Zefiro will therefore adapt to your home, no matter what its size and its conformation. This bookcase is made from powder-coated steel and comes in four colour options - white, steel, charcoal and rust - that provide the perfect match for any kind of furniture, from modern to traditional. Zefiro will look lovely in your sitting room or living areas if you fill it up with books and magazines. You can also place it in your study area, where it will help you to keep all your belongings neatly organised and always tidy. Thanks to its versatile yet simple shape, Zefiro can be freely interpreted and personalised, giving you the opportunity to have a flexible furnishing piece you can truly make yours. Sophisticated and elegant, Zefiro is manufactured by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen. Zefiro is perfect for young and dynamic homes, where space needs to be used at its best and where form follows your needs, indulging them.

Material S235 steel
Sheet thickness 2,5 mm
Finish powder-coated
Width 2000 mm
Height 1910 mm
Depth 290 mm
Other details Instruction and materials for posting included.


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