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Talia Mix Bathroom Edition offers a new version of Siderio's best selling shelving system Talia, a geometric puzzle full of shapes and volumes. While Talia is designed for sitting rooms and living areas, Talia Mix is thought out to give its best in the bathroom, where needs are very specific. Its many squares and rectangles can accommodate magazines, books, towels, perfume bottles, body lotions, make up boxes, toilet paper rolls and everything else you may need in your bathroom. Siderio likes to take care of everything. Above all the bathroom. Talia Mix Bathroom Edition provides an excellent solution to your bathroom storage needs, whatever they may be. Made from steel, this spacious and functional storage unit is available on sale online in a wide array of attractive colours, ready to mix up with your bathroom and give it a unique look. White, rust, steel or charcoal? Pick yours and make sure that your Talia Mix Bathroom Edition finds its perfect place in your bath area. The simple shape and linear silhouette of Talia Mix will make it perfect for any kind of bathroom style, from vintage to minimalist, from ethnic to contemporary. Its essential and fluid shapes will be a favourite of everyone and will never let you down in terms of versatility and functionality. You can use all of Talia Mix shelves or keep some of them empty, or decorate them with decorative plants or succulents. Your choice! You can also decide to keep a shelf for magazines, another one for scented soaps, another one for bottles and jars... You can make countless uses of your Talia Mix Bathroom Edition. It will be out of place in no bathroom, making every space more dynamic and practical. Discover the whole collection by Siderio on sale online.

Material S235 steel
Sheet thickness 2,5 mm
Finish powder-coated
Width 500 mm
Height 1910 mm
Depth 290 mm
Other details Instruction and materials for posting included.